Green energy from blue water

We just turn seawater into energy. For miracles we are getting equipped

Batteries. A bittersweet symphony

We all know that batteries are like a bittersweet symphony. We do need them to decarbonize our world, but they do have relevant downsides. Current technologies are expensive, have short lifespan and non negligeable environmental impact as well they have scalability issues


High upfront costs
Unclear breakeven
Low returns


Toxic materials

Scalability Issue

Limited capacity by design

Short Lifespan

Performance degradation

Environmental impact

Polluting mining
Scarce materials
Difficult to recycle

Poseidon. A disruptive battery

Poseidon is a redox flow battery based on safe and earth-abundant materials able to make it affordable, durable and scalable by design. Its secret relies on its innovative, patent pending design, based on zinc-hydrogen peroxide chemistry and its seawater-based electrolyte


Makes adoption of energy storage systems possible

Effortlessly Scalable

Redox flow batteries are scalable by design


Not flammable, Not pollutant, Not hazardous


>15K cycles, No self-discharge, High ciclability


Only Easily Available materials with low environmental impact

Meet the team

Poseidon HyPerEs is an innovative startup born within Milano Politecnico Graduate School of Management and registered in October 2022 by a team of MBA professionals with diverse and complementary backgrounds and skills ranging from management and business to engineering and chemistry.

Federico Aiana

      Founder and CEO

Federico Aiana

Founder and CEO

A volcanic engineer with solid experience in IPR, EMBA proven business understanding and strong will to develop his own company

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Heidemarie Haupt

      Founder and CSO & CMO

Heidemarie Haupt

Founder and CSO & CMO

Talented strategy expert with strong marketing background, but also a creative thinker with proven top managerial network

Lorenzo Zagnoli

      Founder and CTO & President

Lorenzo Zagnoli

Founder and CTO & President

A senior manager with proven ability in R&D chemical product development. A reflective and team-player person with an MBA and a proven business undestanding

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